Third generation

We are the third generation owners at Bårdshaug Herregård. We grew up here where both our parents worked at the hotel, and we lived here in Orkland during our childhood and teenage years. This was our childhood playground and as we grew up we took on various summer and extra jobs. In 2015, after some years in separate places outside the valley, we decided to move back home and take over the running of the hotel. We are fond of our region and would like to contribute to developing it further. We have many ideas for the future, and our ambition is to make this into one of the best historic hotels in the country.

Our region

We think Orkland and the surrounding areas are incredibly beautiful, and that we have a lot to offer. Here you will find the charming small town of Orkanger, exciting industry – and war history, experiences, culture, beautiful scenery, great sport facilities and local food of the highest quality. Our vision is to make the Orkland region the must-see attraction in the Trøndelag region. We aim to achieve this by advertising the many attractions in the region and actively promoting tourism.

We would like all our guests at Bårdshaug Herregård to have a small taste of our community, whether it is the good food from local farms, the hospitable culture, our wonderful salmon river, the fascinating Christian Thams history, or something else. Our wish is that you will enjoy being here and that you would like to return to experience more.

We would like Bårdshaug Herregård to be a hotel full of life, that also draws people from the village and surrounding areas. Since 2016, we have organised several concerts and events – for adults and families alike. This is something we would like to continue and develop further.

We will also keep developing our restaurant, food and beverages, and continue to offer you tasty home-cooked meals made from local produce and served in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Our aim is to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your stay with us, just as you would if you were visiting a good friend. We wish you a warm welcome!

Magnus Müller Lysholm, Hotel Manager

Gunvor Müller Lysholm, Chairman of the board


Here at Bårdshaug Herregård we endeavour to contribute to a better and more sustainable environment. We make a concerted effort to reduce the environmental footprint from our operations. Going forward we will not only continue, but intensify this effort. We always consider the environment whenever we renovate, build anything new, make purchases or launch new products to the benefit of our guests, and always choose the most environmentally-friendly option whenever this is financially and practically possible.

Right now we are and will continue to focus on the following environmental issues:

  • A focus on local food: Most of our purchases for the kitchen come from the Trøndelag region, but we are continuing to widen our network of local suppliers and projects. Over the last year, we have entered into agreements with local farms, and a large share of our vegetables, eggs, sour cream, honey, beef and cheese is produced in Orkland. During the recent summers we had our own beehive in the manor garden, and we established a vegetable patch and herb garden behind the traditional storehouses.
  • Food waste: Hotels throw away too much food on a daily basis. We make a continuous effort to reduce waste during production through efficient planning and by making the most of the raw materials and produce. We encourage our guests to help themselves several times from the buffet instead of taking too much at once, and we are continuously working to estimate the correct quantity of food and our buffet selection to make sure it corresponds to the quantity that is actually eaten. In terms of food waste reduction, we still have some way to go, and weighing and logging everything that is thrown away are specific measures that we will implement in the time ahead to further reduce waste.
  • Waste sorting: We are looking forward to our regional waste disposal company to start food waist sorting from the year 2022. Then we will separate food waste from other residual waste, and we will work even more purposefully for an increased waste source sorting rate and reduced total amount of unsorted residual waste significantly. Until then, we continue to sort at waste source and encourage our guests to contribute by keeping pledges, cardboard and paper, as well as residual waste separated inside our guest rooms. Then our service staff can sort this by source when cleaning the rooms.

Bårdshaug Herregård has been certified an Eco-Lighthouse enterprise. At miljofyrtarn.no this is briefly described as follows:

“The Eco-Lighthouse certification scheme is Norway’s most widely used environmental management system for businesses that want to document their environmental performance and prove their dedication to corporate responsibility. More than 5000 businesses have been certified so far.

An Eco-lighthouse enterprise systematically works on environmental measures in daily life. The enterprises fulfil criteria and implement measures for more environmentally-friendly operations and a good working environment.

The Eco-Lighthouse scheme has specific industry criteria and the certificate is awarded following an independent appraisal. The enterprises must deliver annual climate and environmental reports, and must be re-certified every three years.

The certificate is recognised by the authorities on public procurement.

We call it environmental responsibility in practice!”

Please contact us for a copy of our annual environmental report.