Served in the restaurant every day from 17 – 21   ( june 22.  – august 21.  2022 )


Crayfish from Trondheimsfjorden

Kr. 155,-

(Allergens: Shellfish


Beef Tartar from Renskleiv Farm

Potatoe chips from Solhus Farm

Kr. 145,-

(Allergens: Eggs)


A taste from the Garden

Kr. 105,-



Shellfish Concommè 

Crayfish from Trondheimsfjorden, Scallops from Hitra,
Mussels fra Fosen

Kr. 345,-

(Allergens: Shellfish, lactose)


Baked Brosme

Brown Butter, Potatoes from Solhus Farm

Kr. 305,-

(Allergens: Fish, lactose)



Mussels from Fosen, Creamy mussels sauce, pommes frites
Wild garlic aioli and sourdough bread

Kr 305,-

(Allergens: Wheat, lactose, eggs shelfish)


Tomahawksteak from
Olderen Gård in Agdenes   

Vegetable pesto, potatoes from Solhus Farm

Kr 395,- pr. person (min. 2 persons)

(Allergens: Lactose)


Reindeer from Røros

Chasseur Sauce, local root vegetables,
potatoes from Solhus Farm

Kr. 395,-

(Allergens: Sulfit, lactose)


Baked tomatoes with mozzarella from Orkladal Ysteri

Parsil oil, wild garlic aioli and Sourdough bread

Kr. 255,-

(Allergens: Wheat, lactose)


Filet of Chicken from Trøndelag

Stuffed with fermented garlic.
Vinaigrette of honey from Fosslykkja Farm

Kr. 310,-

(Allergens: Wheat, eggs, lactose)


The Manors Burger

Beef from Renskleiv Farm.
Gelmin blue cheese from Orkladal Ysteri.
Pommes frites made of potatoes from Solhus Farm

Kr. 285,-

(Allergens: Wheat, lactose)



The Manors homemade Macaroons

Kr. 95,-

(Allergens: Wheat, lactose, eggs)


Caramel Creme brulee

Basil sorbet, strawberries fra Lensvik

Kr. 125,-

(Allergens: Wheat, eggs, milk)


Homemade ice cream

Mead and rowanberries ice cream

Kr. 135,-

(Allergens: Laktose, eggs)


Strawberries from Lensvik

Served with cream or ice cream

Kr. 125,-

(Allergens: Laktose)


Local Cheese from Orkladal Ysteri

Homemade compote and our own crispbread

Kr. 155,-

(Allergens: Laktose, eggs)



Menu package

ASK US! – We are happy to recommend a three-four-five course from this menu with good wines, regional beer or good non-alcoholic alternatives.

Children’s menu

Several of the dishes on this menu can be offered in smaller portions at a reduced price. We also make simpler dishes to order. Hamburger and pancakes are popular dishes for kids. Feel free to ask your waiter.

Table reservation

Dinner Monday – Sunday from 17 – 21 in the hotel restaurant.
We also have outdoor seating on good weather days.

Book a table on tel. 72 47 99 00 or leave a request here.
We will contact you to confirm the reservation.