Learn about Aquavit

Presentation and aquavit tasting with Gunnar H. Lysholm

Learn about aquavit with Gunnar H. Lysholm – great-great-grandson of Jørgen B. Lysholm, the father of linie aquavit, an active aquavit enthusiast, and former mayor of Orkland municipality . This is a unique activity for your group at the historical Bårdshaug Herregård, just outside Trondheim. In addition to the history, you will be served four aquavits, all originating from the Trondheim area. The aquavit history is perfect as an activity before dinner at the historic manor, or in combination with other activities at Bårdshaug Herregård.

Aquavit is a Scandinavian spirit with around 40% alcohol by volume, which can be clear or have a golden color. In Norway and Denmark, aquavit is made from potatoes, while neighboring countries produce aquavit from grains. Potatoes are mashed and fermented before being distilled. The raw spirit is then rectified before being blended with spice distillate and water. Then comes the aging process, which is unique to most Norwegian aquavits. The term aquavit comes from the Latin aqua vitae, meaning “water of life”. Lysholm Linie, still makes its journey to and from Australia aboard ships operated by Wilh. Wilhelmsen, and is Arcus’ leading export product.

Source: Wikipedia
  • Presentation about the historical background of aquavit with a specific emphasis on Lysholm’s aquavit.
  • Tasting of four aquavits; Lysholm Linie, Fru Lysholm, Lykkens Portal, and Thamsakevitt
  • Duration just under 1 hour
  • Can be held all year
  • NOK. 555,- per person
  • 10 – 45 people
  • Venue rental from kr. 3000,- in addition