RIB in the fjord

Fjord rafting or sightseeing with RIB in the fjord

With RIBs operating at speeds ranging from 35 to 50 knots and cruising just 50 cm above the sea, we provide you with the thrill you seek, always prioritizing comfort and safety.

You choose how you want your trip, whether it’s an adrenaline-filled ride in Orkdalsfjorden or a longer journey out to the coast. While RIBs can be an activity for the daring, most people use them in a completely different way. There are no boats safer or better suited for the sea. Therefore, RIB boats are very well suited for both fjord sightseeing and more adventurous trips along the coast. Everyone on board can stand on the same side without it being particularly noticeable in the boat. This is something for everyone!

 In collaboration with Crazy Coyote, we offer a variety of RIB tours

These can include a half-hour excursion from Orkanger, or longer trips out to the coast or into Trondheimsfjorden. We’re happy to arrange stops at suitable locations for dining or refreshments. There are plenty of options available, and we’re flexible to accommodate your preferences!

On our RIB tours, we provide warm suits, goggles, and safety equipment. It’s important that you wear good footwear, a hat, and gloves for your comfort and safety..

  • All year
  • 10-70 people (max 12 per boat)
  • Minimum 1 hour, depending on the group’s preferences
  • NOK 9,400 per boat per hour + starting cost from Orkanger NOK 3,000 per boat
  • Additional catering charges apply
  • In collaboration with Crazy Coyote: www.crazycoyote.no

From NOK. 1040,- per person