Diversity Icebreaker

A Diversity Icebreaker seminar is well-suited as a break from the formalities of a long day of training and conferences, or when businesses desire something slightly less formal but may not have much time available. In just a short time (1-2 hours), participants can gain a lot from a seminar designed to provide self-awareness, foster curiosity, and develop unity and trust within organizations, networks, teams, and projects.

When individuals in a group learn concepts to discuss diversity within a positive experience that everyone participates in, they begin to trust each other, respect each other’s differences, and communicate more effectively. The team starts to address communication issues before they escalate, becomes more willing to share information, and improves feedback. And what kind of ripple effects does that have? The entire organization operates better.

Diversity Icebreaker seminar is facilitated by the dedicated and inspiring Åse Børset from Trialog.

  • All year
  • At the hotel
  • From 10 people
  • Duration 1-2 hours – can be adjusted to the group’s preferences

Diversity Icebreaker priser: 

  • Package price for 10 to 15 people: NOK. 10,725,-
  • Price per person for 16 to 30 participants: NOK. 710,-
  • Price per person for 31 to 50 participants: NOK. 660,-

The «Diversity Icebreaker» provides professional development that takes place in the course room. The prices above include course materials, such as individual Icebreaker forms that each participant fills out. The course materials amount to NOK 200,- of the total price per person listed above. It is also included in the fixed price of NOK. 9,750,-.

From NOK. 660,- per person