Hubriding from Bårdshaug herregård

Motorcycle trip to Mid-Norway this summer? Bårdshaug Manor in Orkanger is ready to welcome you to a pleasant stay and wonderful experiences

Bårdshaug is a great starting point for a motorcyclist and HubRiding enthusiast. The small town of Orkanger is a well-known commercial center and a natural starting point for the finest coastal rides Mid-Norway has to offer. Here, you are not far from magnificent fjords, weathered islands facing the open sea, or famous historical landmarks. Orkanger is only 25 minutes southwest of historic Trondheim, and you can get here by driving on the E39, from both the E6 at Klett, the E6 at Berkåk, and along the E39 from Møre.

When you have checked in

If you have booked Hubriding-accommodation with us, we know you're coming and will be ready to welcome you and those you might be riding with. Upon check-in, we will assign you a room as close to the motorcycle parking as possible. Perhaps you'd like a room in one of our station buildings, with your motorcycle parked right outside the door? If there's availability, you, as a Hubriding guest, will be given priority for accommodation in one of these popular buildings.

While you wait, you'll be offered a good cup of coffee if you'd like. We will guide you to where you can safely park your motorcycle, with slate support plates already in place. Once you're in your room, you will find a bottle of water and a small surprise from us. You will also find information on where to wash your motorcycle, dry clothes and gear, and where to find detergent and chain spray.


Our kitchen is renowned for creating fantastic dishes with ingredients from our own garden and local and regional small-scale suppliers. We even have our own smokehouse, so the chance of having a unique culinary experience is high here at Bårdshaug Herregård.

What can you experience with us?

Bårdshaug Herregård is a great place to unwind. The hotel boasts a pleasant lobby and a sunny outdoor area. If you wish to explore Orkanger, we recommend taking a walk or an e-bike ride around Orklaparken. Alternatively, why not take a tour of the venerable Manor, where you can immerse yourself in a piece of world history, with Christian Thams at the helm? Our staff are familiar with the history and would be happy to provide you with a brief introduction. A guided tour of the magnificent stave church, Norway's contribution to the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893, The Norway Building itself, can also be arranged subject to availability.

There's plenty to see and experience while you're at Bårdshaug Manor – take a look at the hotel's website and let yourself be tempted. And when you're here, feel free to ask us!

After a good night's sleep, you will be ready for a delicious hotel breakfast. Stop by the reception and ask to have a packed lunch prepared for your day's excursion and fill up your thermos. We want to send you off on today's motorcycle ride with a full stomach and a smile on your face. Ready for new experiences!

Helpful links

Ferry schedules Valset – Brekstad: Brekstad-Valset – Fjord1

Ferry schedules Flakk – Rørvik: Reiseplanlegger – AtB

Information about road conditions, etc.: Trafikkinformasjon | Statens vegvesen.

Falck Orkanger: Tel 73722800:

For basic bike equipment needs:

Thansen Orkanger – the store's opening hours, address, and directions

Reisen til Bårdshaug Herregård



Orkanger ligger ved E39, og er et knutepunkt i regionen. På 30 minutter kommer du deg hit fra blant annet Trondheim, Løkken, Lensvik, Kyrksæterøra, Melhus og E6 ved Klett. Fra Trondheim Lufthavn Værnes tar turen om lag 1 time. En kjøretur på et par timer tar deg hit fra blant annet Røros, Oppdal og Hitra.



Reiser du kollektivt? Det tar 2 minutter å gå fra skysstasjonen, som er Orkangers knutepunkt for buss. Hit går det hyppige bussavganger fra Trondheim, både med bussrute 310 og 410. Rutetider finner du hos ATB. Vi organiserer gjerne felles buss- eller minibusstransfer for din gruppe tur/retur Trondheim Sentrum, dersom du ønsker det.



Det er god parkeringsplass rett utenfor hotellet, og her står du gratis. I perioden mai – september tilbyr vi egen MC-parkering til de av våre gjester som reserverer en HUBriding hotellpakke. Vi tilbyr våre gjester lading av deres elbiler mot avgift, like utenfor hotelldøra.



Du kommer deg enkelt til og fra Trondheim Lufthavn Værnes fra Bårdshaug Herregård i bil, med buss eller med forhåndsreservert transfer. Vi hjelper deg gjerne med å reservere egnet transport til eller fra flyplassen. Trondheim Lufthavn Værnes er et knutepunkt for nasjonale, europeiske og asiatiske flyforbindelser.